NANOBIOAPP2015: Latest Advances on Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications (21-23 September 2015, Barcelona - Spain)

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The conference on "Latest Advances on Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications" (NANOBIOAPP2015) will be held in Barcelona (Spain) on the 21st-23rd September 2015. The scope of the conference is to bring together experts in the field of organic (lipids, liposomes, vesicles, etc.) and inorganic (carbon, nanoparticles, quantum dots) nanomaterials to discuss the latest advances in their application to the biomedical field.   

Keynote and invited speakers for the conference are top worldwide leading scientists. Their expertise ranges from the synthesis and characterization of the nanomaterials up to their in-vivo application. We will count with the presence of the Work Package leaders of “Health and Environment” of the Graphene Flagship, and a special lecture will be devoted to learn from recent advances, perspectives and opportunites in the biomedical field within the Graphene Flagship.

Finally, a satellite workshop will be devoted to the project RADDEL (“Nanocapsules for Targeted Delivery of Radioactivity”). Oral presentations will be delivered by the recruited fellows highlighting the research done throughout the training network.

For all the information of the conference, including invited speakers, abstract submission and registration please visit the conference's webpage (congresses.icmab.es/nanobioapp2015).

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona for this special event!


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