RADDEL fiches: Carbon Nanotubes (1)

As part of the dissemination and outreach activities within the project, and with the aim of approaching the non-scientific community in order to present them with the main concepts and implications of RADDEL, a series of Fiches dedicated to topics related to the training network will be available at the website. General topics like Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery, Cancer Therapy, Pharmacology, Microscopy, and other more specific to the project like Carbon Nanotubes, Carbohydrates or Molecular Simulation will be presented in a way that it can be readable by the non-expert in the fields of the project. These Fiches are prepared by the fellows working in the project as part of their training programme. We hope you will enjoy them. 

For the first Fiche, we have Carbon Nanotubes. It gives a brief introduction about what CNTs are, how they look like and finally some properties and applications.



You can download this Fiche here.