A paper from RADDEL partner UOI, published in the Journal of Applied Physics

D. Emfietzoglou, I. Kyriakou, R. Garcia-Molina, I. Abril

The effect of static many-body local-field corrections to inelastic electron scattering in condensed media

Journal of Applied Physics 114, 144907 (2013)



This paper deals with some advanced aspects of the physics of inelastic scattering of low-energy electrons (with energies similar to Auger electrons) in bulk amorphous carbon. The team at the University of Ioannina (UOI) in Greece is now extending the work to low-dimensional systems, in particular carbon nanotubes. The results for CNTs will be then implemented to the Monte Carlo code being developed as part of RADDEL project for running more accurate simulations of the interaction of low-energy electrons with CNTs. The ESR fellow from UOI is currently working on this.