Collaboration between RADDEL partners CSIC, KCL and EMAT, early view in the journal Advanced Functional Materials

J. Wang, L. Cabana, M. Bourgagnon, H. Kaffa, A. Protti, K. Venner, A. Shah, J. Sosabowski, S. Mather, A. Roig, S. Ke, G. Van Tendeloo, R. de Rosales, G. Tobias, K. T. Al-Jamal

Magnetically Decorated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Dual MRI and SPECT Contrast Agents

Advanced Functional Materials, 24, 1880-1894 (2014)

In the work carried out for this paper, the teams from CSIC (Spain), KCL (UK) and EMAT (Belgium) developed radio-labeled, iron oxide-decorated multiwalled CNTs (MWNTs) as dual magnetic resonance (MR) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) contrast agents. RADDEL ESR fellow Maxime Bourgognon from King's College London (UK) helped in the development of the in-vitro toxicity assays to test the toxicity of CNTs. These findings will now be extrapolated and applied in RADDEL project for the functionalised nanocapsules filled with radioactive materials.