A paper from RADDEL partners CSIC and ICN dealing with the filling of CNTs, available as early view in the journal Advanced Materials,

L. Cabana, B. Ballesteros, E. Batista, C. Magen, L. Arenal, J. Oró-Solé, R. Rurali, G. Tobias

Synthesis of PbI2 single-layered inorganic nanotubes encapsulated within carbon nanotubes

Advanced Materials, 26, 2016-2021 (2014)


This paper deals with the template-assisted growth of single layered PbI2 nanotubes using carbon nanotubes as hosting templates. The results and knowledge generated from this work is now being used by the RADDEL team at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) to encapsulate other inorganic materials with interest in biomedical applications.