Hands-on-school on Pharmacological studies (London, 26-28th February 2013)

A Hands-on-school on Pharmacological studies took place in London on the 25-26th February 2013. The school, organised by the RADDEL partner KCL, was designed to give the fellows some insights for in-vitro cell culture techniques and in-vivo procedures.

Hands-on-school Pharmacological KCL 2013

5 RADDEL ESR fellows attended this school, along with 3 KCL researchers. During this hands-on-school they all had the opportunity to learn about the interactions of nanomaterials with cells and tissues, and also to perform some basic cell culture techniques.


Hands-on-school Pharmacological KCL 2013 Picture

Left:Attendants to the 1st RADDEL Hands-on-school on Pharmacological studies; back row (from left to right): Sonia De Munari (ESR fellow, UOX), Rebeca Klippstein (ESR fellow, KCL), Maxime Bourgognon (ESR fellow, KCL), Noelia Rubio (research associate, KCL), Sara Pereira (visiting researcher, University of Lisbon), Hatem Hassan (PhD student, KCL); front row: Markus Martincic (ESR fellow, ICMAB-CSIC), Reida Rutte (ESR fellow, UOX).

Right: A RADDEL ESR fellow performing some basic cell culture techniques.