Hands-on-school in Dosimetry Calculations (22-23 July 2014, Ioannina)

On Tuesday 22nd - Wednesday 23rd of July 2014, a RADDEL Hands-on-school in "Dosimetry calculations and modeling of therapeutic efficacy" took place at the Medical School of the University of Ioannina (Greece). The school focused on the study of dosimetry by means of theoretical calculations, including topics like the interaction of ionising radiation with matter, radionuclide dosimetry and Monte Carlo based dosimetry. The fellows were also able to run their own calculations through practical sessions. The school was organised by local partner Dr. Dimitris Emfietzoglou with the support of Dr. Ioanna Kyriakou and RADDEL ESR fellow Anne Forney. 5 additional RADDEL fellows attended the school.

                                                    Hands-on Ioannina 1


Hands-on Ioannina 2                                                   
Hands-on Ioannina 3

                Hands-on Ioannina 4